Cold Climate Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment System Design and Operation

The firm has a proprietary cold climate Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment system which they can have fabricated for clients in remote cold climate applications, patent pending. For these applications, access to the membranes is severely problematic because of the cold and the remote and compact nature of the designs. Banner invented a collapsible membrane lift system to allow for the easy removal, repair or replacement of the membrane without problematic roof access, confined space entry issues and time consuming and expensive set up costs. The collapsible membrane lift system was specifically designed to accommodate cold climate remote locations to enhance worker safety and reduce costs.

Banner Operators have also operated these plants successfully in remote locations in Alberta. Their experience and knowledge has allowed them to optimize the operation of the wastewater treatment system to provide optimum membrane flux rates and trans-membrane pressure, and produced extremely high quality effluent. Our plants can be operated for CBOD, TSS, Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus removal to very high levels of reduction.

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