Operation and Construction Engineering

  • Full operational and maintenance services for Level 3 potable water and wastewater plants for 24 hour per day services. Banner has provided these services for the last 6 years from local operations to remote locations in the High Arctic.
  • Leak Detection Services. Banner provided sophisticated leak detection services using state of the art acoustic equipment to correlate and locate potable water leaks. The firm has been extremely successful locating leaks and overseeing their repair.
  • Responsible for the design, construction and/or operational development/design of various wastewater activated sludge plants. These plants are generally state of the art and as used to produce ultra high purity effluent.
  • Responsible for the design, construction and operation of a novel process plant developed to clean produced sands generated by the heavy oil industry in Alberta, Canada (Capital Cost Estimated at 15 million). The plant accepted up to 20,000 tons/month of produced sands contaminated with heavy oil and salt. The Class I steam Utility plant provided the heat necessary to extract the contaminants from the sand wastes using conventional separation technology. The cleaned sand is used to construct an engineered wetland for the local municipality. The oil extracted was recycled and sold as road surface products, or as sales oil. The plant process was novel, and provided a cost viable alternative to oil producers in the area while providing the most environmentally beneficial approach to the management and disposal of their waste.
  • Responsible for wastewater stabilization pond upgrade projects: including projects involving complex sub-surface groundwater challenges, as well as lagoon restoration projects involving difficult coffer dam designs and construction techniques.
  • Operations Manager responsible for 11 fixed waste processing plants across Canada. Implemented various cost cutting programs and design improvements to increase production and recovery rates. The 11-fixed plants varied in technology and waste processing, which required a diverse understanding of industrial processes.
  • Operations Engineer responsible for the production de-bottlenecking of a sludge handling circuit. The project included on line diagnostics to determine operational bottlenecks, and extensive mechanical, electrical and instrumentation modifications to improve operation. The project was considered to be an outstanding success as production capabilities were increased by over 5 times the original operation without any major equipment replacement.
  • Responsible for implementing numerous in plant studies to either improve drinking water quality or working conditions, increase water production and plant reliability, or reduce operating costs within a large drinking water plant. Many key changes in chemical feeding system designs and operating procedures were developed which have greatly benefited the plants.
  • Responsible for the advancement and improvement of on-line water quality analysers and process control systems for two drinking water plants. Responsible for mechanical and electrical design, including the PLC selection and algorithms to implement control.
  • Initiated hydraulic modifications within two drinking water plants to increase water production and improve water quality. All modifications were completed using relatively small changes, which resulted in a large increase in hydraulic capacity (20 to 50 million liter/day increase, representing about a 25% in plant capacity).
  • Responsible for the design and construction of numerous wastewater treatment plants in Alberta. Installed the series or high efficiency diffuser aeration systems in Alberta for the treatment of municipal wastewater. Significant technical presentations were required with the regulatory agency to obtain approval. Provided over 40% capital and operating cost reductions to numerous clients via innovative conceptual designs.
  • Responsible for the design, construction and implementation of cost saving design and process upgrades for numerous unit processors/operations including: clarifiers, thickeners, sand filters, cold and hot lime softeners, ion exchange systems, lagoon systems, aerated lagoons, aerobic digesters, ATAD's, activated sludge systems, Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC's), Sequential Batch Reactors (SBR's), dehydrator towers, distillation columns and sanitary and storms sewer design.


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