Research and Development

  • Advanced 3 Year Research Project Currently funded by the NRC to investigate advanced Bio-Reactor Designs. Sophisticated mass, energy and economic modeling efforts are current being investigated.
  • Research Engineer investigating the detoxification of tailings pond water using acidification followed by slow sand filtration. The process demonstrated significant levels of naphthenic acid removal via acid precipitation of napthenic acid followed by slow sand filtration. The concept was evaluated conceptually at larger scales.
  • Research Engineer responsible for a 1-ton/hr coal and oil agglomeration plant designed to remove pyrite from bituminous coal. Duties included: test plan development, analysis of the results, writing of reports, scheduling and the supervision of team members and presentation and defence of the project results at review committee meetings.
  • Research Engineer responsible for the design of a heptane based 5-kg/hr agglomeration plant for pyrite removal from bituminous coal. Responsible for the test plan development and evaluation and presentation of the results. Project required special mechanical and electrical design due to the harmful nature of the heptane.
  • Project Engineer responsible for the detailed conceptual design and cost estimation for a mobile demonstration plant (100 to 200 ton/day) of a process for oily soils clean up.
  • Project Engineer responsible for conducting a market and financial evaluation of the manufacture of activated carbon in Western Canada.
  • Principal researcher of the development of an upflow rapid sand filter for the removal of suspended solids particulate for industrial wastewater treatment. Responsibilities included the design of the pilot plant and filter beds, the test plan, data analysis, report writing and the presentation and defence of evaluation.


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